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Welcome and sign up!

It is now time to sign up for the LLC Research and Strategy Day 2021!

Please register, as soon as possible and by November 26 at the latest at:

The program starts at 08:30 and the day is scheduled to end at 17:30.
After 17:30 Buffet is served. The Evening social activities - Billiards and shuffleboard, Paradis Biljard & Restaurang, Bredgatan 10, Lund - close at 23:00.

The day will include a series of presentations of Cross-disciplinary collaborations projects. These presentations will be complemented by a number of posters showing highlights and results from all different research activities at the LLC. The day will further comprise presentations of research at Laserlab Sweden and Science Village Scandinavia.

Lunch, and later at 17:30 a Buffet, free of charge, will be served to everyone that has signed up for the day.

Posters at the poster session will inform about what we all are doing in the different research divisions.