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Seminar course 2020. FAF020F

Probing matter with light, 5hp.

Ph.D. students working with “probing matter with light” are invited to participate in the seminar course starting with an introduction meeting at March 18; 13.15-15. The meeting takes place in A314 (Atomic Physics Grouproom) The course is given as a seminar series by the students for the students. The seminar series is planned to start in late March/early April 2020.

The course is coordinated by teachers from the divisions of the Lund Laser Centre (LLC)
Prof. Jörgen Larsson (Atomic Physics)
Dr. Jens Uhlig (Chemical Physics)
Dr. Edouard Berrocal (Combustion physics)
Dr. Francesca Curbis (MAXIV –laboratory/Synchrotron radiation physics)

During this course the students working in different areas of laser physics, chemistry and
materials science will get acquainted with the ongoing research through sharing their own
research fields with the others. The other important goal of the course is to improve students´
presentation skills necessary for participation in conferences.

Every student will:
- Give (on two separate occasions) a 20 min presentation on a given topic
- Make a 10 min introduction to a topic
- Work as a discussion leader (chairperson) at one of the sessions
- Participate actively in each session (questions, discussions, etc)
- Attend all the course sessions. For missed sessions special assignments will be given

At March 18 at 13.15 at the division of Atomic Physics we will have the first meeting with all
students and teachers where the topics of the course will be decided and tasks will subsequently
be distributed between the students.

Based on the previous occasion, we suggest the following preliminary list of general topics,
which fits to the activity of at least two LLC divisions:
Absorption / Fluorescence
Non-linear optics
Ultrashort pulses
X-ray sources
Phonons/Heat transport in solids
Multi-spectral imaging
Laser-matter interaction

This list of topics is just a starting point. At the general meeting on March 18 we will discuss it
and update according to the interests. If you plan to take the course, but are unable to attend
on March 18, please contact me by email before the meeting.

On behalf of the course team
Jörgen Larsson