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LLC Board

Lund Laser Centre

Governance 2021-2023


Chair of the Board:   Pär Omling
Director:                    Claes-Göran Wahlström
Deputy Director:       Per Eng-Johnsson (From 2021-05-17)
Administrator:           Anne Petersson Jungbeck and Emelie Niléhn
Economist:                Maria Algotsson


Board Members:   Appointed by the Vice-chancellor on suggestion from

Faculty of Engineering
Joakim Bood                       dep.   Cord Arnold
Per Eng-Johnsson               dep.   Märta Lewander
Claes-Göran Wahlström      dep.   Nina Reistad
Anna-Lena Sahlberg            dep.   Edouard Berrocal

Faculty of Science
Tönu Pullerits                     dep.   Donatas Zigmantas
Francesca Curbis               dep.   Sverker Werin
Mathieu Gisselbrecht         dep.   Linda Knutsson

Faculty of Medicine
Tomas Jansson                  dep.   Katarina Svanberg
Sofia Zachrisson                dep.   Bo Baldetorp

Appointed by Techn/Admin. personnel unions

Appointed by LUS (Student Union)
Sebastian Pfaff