Lund Laser Centre

Lund University

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The Lund Laser Centre performs research within the following basic research fields:

  1. High intensity radiation/matter interactions (high harmonics, X-ray laser pumping, X-ray generation)
  2. Atomic and molecular laser spectroscopy in the time and frequency domains (Visible, UV, VUV, XUV)
  3. Plasma spectroscopy (astrophysics, fusion, X-ray lasers)
  4. Ultra-fast spectroscopy of molecules and condensed matter
  5. Spectroscopic imaging (microscopy, optical image processing)
  6. Laser diagnostics in combustion, flows and hostile environments (flame chemistry, ignition physics)
  7. Environmental spectroscopy and monitoring (atmosphere, water, vegetation; LIDAR, DOAS, LIF)
  8. Medical/biological laser spectroscopy (biomolecules, cancer, arteriosclerosis, optical mammography)