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How to get to Lund

If you travel to Lund you will probably come by air.

There are two airports close to Lund - one is Malmoe Airport (Sturup), situated about 25 km south of Lund, the other one is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) in Denmark situated about 55 km from Lund.

From Malmoe Airport there is a bus service - Flygbussarna - from the airport to central Lund several times a day. Timetable.

From Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) you can get to Malmoe and Lund by train over the Öresund-bridge. Trains depart every 20 minutes. The ticket can be bought at the airport for 140 SEK. Some of the trains continue directly from Malmö to Lund, some stop at Malmoe and you have to change to a local commuter train.  Journey Planner

If you prefer to take a taxi from Malmoe to Lund you sholuld not pay more than 305 SEK and from Malmoe Airport (Sturup) to Lund no more than 425 SEK. Ask the driver in advance.

Are you coming by car from Denmark there is  a new bridge over Oeresund. For price information click here and the paying stations are on Swedish side.

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