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Lund University

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Access Facilities - LLC

Lund Laser Centre, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Claes-Göran Wahlström:

Research is performed in basic atomic, molecular and chemical physics and includes applications to the energy, environmental, medical and information technology fields. These activities include high-power laser/matter interactions, particle acceleration, attoscience, atomic/molecular spectroscopy in the time- and frequency domains, ultrafast spectroscopy of molecules and solids, quantum optics and quantum computing, combustion diagnostics, environmental and biomedical spectroscopy.

Proton acceleration experiment at the LLC 40-TW system

The LLC provides access to several separate laser laboratories:

  • High-power laser laboratories, including a 10 Hz 35 fs, 40 TW laser and a 1 kHz 5 mJ system, streak cameras for visible/VUV and X-rays, electron and ion time-of-flight spectrometers.
  • Atomic and molecular laser spectroscopy laboratories, with tuneable VUV 1 ns laser systems and diagnostics.
  • Coherent transient spectroscopy laboratory with photon-echo stations, CW single-mode lasers and cryostats for 4K and 77K optical spectroscopy.
  • Femtochemistry laboratories, with high repetition-rate, tunable laser systems and pump/probe stations for ultrafast kinetics and spectroscopic studies. Set up for sub ps time resolved THz spectroscopy.
  • Combustion diagnostics laboratories, with a multiple Nd:YAG laser system, tuneable excimer laser, ns OPO, and ps dye and laser systems. Image-intensified, gated optical multi-channel analysers systems. Mobile systems for coherent anti-Stokes Raman (CARS) measurements and for laser-induced fluorescence.
  • Mobile laser radar system with Nd:YAG/OPO transmitter and 40 cm receiving telescope for atmospheric mapping (differential absorption), marine and vegetation monitoring (laser-induced fluorescence)
  • Biomedical laser laboratories for medical fluorescence diagnostics and photodynamic tumour treatment. Systems for time-resolved scattering media spectroscopy and gas-in-scattering-media studies.