Lund Laser Centre

Lund University

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8.30-9.00Registration, Hanging of posters
9.00-9.10 Welcome
9.10-10.30Young researchers, 15 min each
  • Jan Vogelsang, Atomic Physics
    Ultrafast electron microscopy using high-order harmonics at 200 kHz repetition rate
  • Thi Kim Cuong Le, Combustion Physics
    Online Raman spectroscopy: a powerful tool in structural studies of soot and
    carbonaceous materials in the aerosol phase
  • David Hill, Spectracure and Atomic Physics
    Seeing the Color of Your Heart; A Quantum Sensing Love Story
  • Egle Bukarte, Chemical Physics
    Big lessons from small bacteria
  • Jim Larsson, Combustion Physics
    Lung monitoring of preterm infants using diode laser absorption spectroscopy
10.30-11.00Coffee + Posters
11.00-12.45Young researchers, cont. 15 min each
  • Anna-Lena Sahlberg, Combustion Physics
    Non-linear mid-infrared laser techniques for combustion diagnostics
  • Marina Gerhard, Chemical Physics
    Beyond the Ensemble: Luminescene Microscopy of Perovskite Semiconductors
  • Arefeh Mousavi, Atomic Physics
    Luminescence spectroscopy for biomedical applications

LLC Alumni, 20 min each
  • Lars Rymell, Eclipse optical consulting
    My journey – from PhD student to hiring graduated PhDs
  • Niklas Christensson, Eralytics GmbH, Vienna
    From academic research to R&D in a private company
  • Sara Bergsten, GPX Medical
    From R to D to RnD
12.45-14.00Lunch + Posters
14.00-15.15 LLC Mission and Future


Laserlab Sweden

Laserlab Europe

15.15-15.35 Coffee + Posters
15.40-16.25 Keynote Mikael Afzelius, Department of Applied Physics, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Quantum memory for light
16.25-16.35Concluding remarks