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About Lund Laser Centre

The Lund Laser Centre (LLC) was established at Lund University, directly under the Vice-Chancellor, as an organisation for laser, optics and spectroscopy research. It constitutes the largest unit in the field in the Nordic countries. The research is being performed in a unique, multi-disciplinary atmosphere and fosters close collaboration with industry. The Centre is characterised by a very strong exchange of ideas, expertise and resources between different projects, where advanced electro-optics form a common denominator. Members in the Centre are the Research Divisions of Atomic Physics, Atomic Astrophysics, Chemical Physics and Combustion Physics, as well as the Lund University Medical Laser Centre. In addition, a National High-Power Laser Facility features spear-head technology installations in the field of lasers and laser spectroscopy. Two additional collaborative centres, the Combustion Centre and the Environmental Measurement Techniques Centre, are associated to the LLC. The particular set up of the Lund Laser Centre, gives a unique and informal access to relevant knowledge also outside the field of lasers, optics and spectroscopy to allow well-balanced, synergetic research projects to be pursued. Further, the presence of the MAX-lab Synchrotron Radiation Facility and the IDEON Research Park in close walking distance to the LLC adds to its scientific environment.

The Lund Laser Centre has an Executive Director and a Board of Directors whose members come from the Technical, Natural Science and Medical Faculties of Lund University. The Director and the Chair of the Board are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor of the Lund University.

Policy and governance of the LLC

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